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DroneX Pro Review – Where to buy in Saudi Arabia?

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The modern lifestyle is highly dependent on technology with so many new inventions happening every day. Have you heard about drones yet? Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles or unscrewed aerial vehicles. Thus, you can operate these drones from land. Do you know that the earliest record of using a drone dates back to 1849? Since then drones have evolved to deliver high-end functions and are packed with powerful features.

Are you planning to buy a drone for yourself? Having least or no knowledge about technology can make things daunting for you. Many professionals in the photography line are already using high-end drones to capture breathtaking moments. Many persons fond of photography buy drones for recreational purposes. Who can miss the joy of flying drones in your backyard with your kids on a relaxing afternoon?

With so many different uses for so many different persons, how will you select the best drone for your requirements? You don’t have to worry as today we bring the best and unbiased review of DroneX Pro that is a leading drone. Also, we’ll guide you throughout the process to buy DroneX Pro in Saudi Arabia.

What is DroneX Pro?

DroneX Pro is a modern drone that is foldable. It is developed by passionate engineers who understand the requirements of professional and recreational uses of drones. It is a super small and highly advanced drone that helps users to capture high-quality photos at minimal investments.

DroneX Pro

DroneX Pro comes with great quality, exceptional features minus high costs. It is super-easy to use DroneX Pro with your existing smartphone. It comes with an app that can be used to control the device. Not to miss are the exceptional features of DroneX Pro that make it a great product out of all the available options in the market.

Technical Facts, Specifications, and Features:

The technical facts, specifications, and features of DroneX Pro include:

  • Speed of up to 12 meters per second
  • Top transmission range of 2 kilometers
  • Panorama mode to capture 360-degree views
  • Built-in sensors to prevent collision
  • Stabilized camera irrespective of weather
  • Lightweight construction
  • Highly portable
  • Three different speeds
  • Durable construction

Pros of DroneX Pro:

The best advantages of DroneX Pro include:

  • It takes high-quality photographs and offers live streaming in all weather conditions.
  • It comes with in-built stabilizers that make it possible to enjoy undisturbed streaming and professional photos in different conditions.
  • It is super-easy to use as compared to other complicated drones available in the market. It is easy to control DroneX Pro using the application.
  • There are no additional requirements for remote or other controlling devices as DroneX comes with an app that can be used with any smartphone.
  • DroneX Pro is a high-quality product that is lightweight, compact, and easy to carry while traveling.
  • It is available at affordable prices to all customers in Saudi Arabia.

Cons of DroneX Pro:

There are no possible disadvantages of using DroneX Pro except for the fact that you may have to wait for a couple of days after placing your order in Saudi Arabia. This is due to the high demand for the product globally.

Why DroneX Pro?

The top choices in the drones available in the market are undoubtedly topped by DroneX Pro. The top reasons for selecting DroneX Pro as your drone partner include:

  • DroneX Pro is highly portable and comes with foldable wings. Thus, it is the best drone compared to the bulky and oversized large drones available in the market.
  • DroneX Pro is easy to use and doesn’t require any supporting accessories. Thus, unlike other drones available in the market, there are no hassles in using DroneX Pro. It can be controlled using your existing smartphone only.
  • DroneX Pro is one of the best affordable drones available in the market. It offers a high-quality user experience without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • DroneX Pro doesn’t charge high shipping charges for all deliveries in Saudi Arabia.

How does DroneX Pro work?

The straightforward but effective functioning of the DroneX Pro is the secret behind the success of this drone. The simple steps to start using DroneX Pro are:

  • Unbox the DroneX Pro,
  • Connect it using the application with your Android or iPhone device,
  • Start recording high-quality pictures and live streaming.
DroneX Pro - Saudi Arabia

To understand the working of DroneX Pro, you can treat it as a flying camera. This drone is easy to use and can be used by your kids as well. It is an electronic device that is easy to control using your existing smartphone. The high-quality construction and powerful features make it one of the best drones. All you need to do to take gorgeous photos and videos is to start using DroneX Pro.

Ratings and Reviews of DroneX Pro:

Our technical team gives DroneX Pro a review rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars based on its features, functionality, and affordability. The great review ratings from our technical team go in line with the different reviews of the persons already using DroneX Pro.

The first customer says that DroneX Pro is by far the best drone available in the market. He is in love with the picture quality and ease of using the DroneX Pro. He loves to play with it with his sons on weekends and strongly recommends DroneX Pro to all.

The second customer highly recommends DroneX Pro to all persons who’re looking for great breathtaking shots. She is a wildlife photographer and credits DroneX Pro in helping her to take the best shots of her professional career.

The third customer terms DroneX Pro as the best device for all event organizers. He is a wedding organizer and strongly recommends DroneX Pro to all planners who are having demanding clients that want the best shots from their special day.

DroneX Pro Price:

After having a detailed look at the best features and advantages of DroneX Pro, how much are you ready to pay for this highly versatile and useful product? The cost price of a single unit of DroneX Pro is 742.21 Saudi Riyal. The good news here is that you don’t have to spend the entire 742.21 Saudi Riyal as the company offers a flat discount of 50% on all units without any terms and conditions.

Thus, you only have to spend 371.10 Saudi Riyal to purchase a single unit of DroneX Pro from its official website. Thus, while purchasing DroneX Pro in Saudi Arabia, your purchase attracts multiple savings

The list of benefits is not limited to buying a single unit of DroneX Pro. The company offers multiple discounts on different units of DroneX Pro. So, if you’re planning to buy multiple units of DroneX Pro, you can choose from any of the offers mentioned below:

  • 2 units of DroneX Pro worth 1484.42 Saudi Riyal at 596.01 Saudi Riyal only.
  • 3 units of DroneX Pro worth 2226.630 Saudi Riyal at 738.43 Saudi Riyal only under the “buy two, get one free” offer from the company.
  • 4 units of DroneX Pro worth 2968.84 Saudi Riyal at 933.35 Saudi Riyal only.  
  • 5 units of DroneX Pro worth 3711.05 Saudi Riyal at 1113.26 Saudi Riyal only under the “buy three, get two free” offer from the company.

Where to buy DroneX Pro in Saudi Arabia?

It is strongly recommended to buy DroneX Pro from the official website of the manufacturer only. It is a popular device and hence chances are high that markets are flooded with similar-looking cheap and counterfeit versions of DroneX Pro.

In addition to multiple discounts, the company offers 100% free delivery at your doorstep in Saudi Arabia. Further, the company understands the advantages of discounts on multiple products and keeps it simple for all prospective customers from Saudi Arabia without any terms and conditions. It is super easy to select your number of products and placing an order on the official website of DroneX Pro while you’re in Saudi Arabia.

The official website of DroneX Pro is secured by high-end 256-bit encryption, McAfee, and is certified by Norton by Symantec, TRUSTe, etc. You can also increase the warranty of DroneX Pro for three years by paying a genuine amount while purchasing it from the official website. Thus, you can extend the life of your DroneX Pro by extending its warranty.

Wrapping Up:

So, this is all about a modern and high-tech drone called DroneX that is full of multidisciplinary benefits to new users and professionals. It comes as a miracle in the drones industry where customers are looking forward to lightweight devices that are high in quality. DroneX Pro stands high in functionality, durability, high-end lightweight construction, and affordability. It is super-easy to buy DroneX Pro in Saudi Arabia at the click of a button from its official website only. The official website further offers additional advantages like 100% free delivery, extended warranty options, etc.